Full Matrix Series

UL Certified – Full matrix display with flexible hardware and software architecture. Flexible screen sizes. Display a variety of content.

Configuration Software

Most Sold Sizes

One panel display

A single panel display

Smart Matrix Display

A two panel display

1x6 Display

A six panel display

2x3 Display

Display in a 2×3 Configuration(6 Panels in 2 rows and 3 columns)

Custom size/configurations available

Components of Full Matrix Display

LED Panels

IP65 rated, Outdoor brightness, 128mm x 256mm at 8mm pitch LED panel is a modular unit in our standard messaging Matrix displays.




Each Smart Matrix Display comes with 3 different controllers. Each controller handles one specific task and all of them work together to display the content.

Main Controller

Precise supports multiple communication options – Switched Ethernet, RS232, RS485, Thread, LoRa, etc., 

This controller handles all the communications with the server.


Precise’s signs have an on-board FPGA to drive LED panels. FPGA helps deliver:

  1. 8 bit colour resolution and
  2. Smoother animations without any lag

Application Processor

This third processor handles all functions related to the application that’s tailored for you.


Precise offers multiple enclosure options:

  • IP65 Powder Coated Aluminium Enclosure
  • IP65 Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Enclosure